Curere Concentrate

Curere Concentrate


3x More Potent Than Our Classic Formula

Product Details

Curere Concentrated Gel contains 3 times more Kashmiri saffron oil and sandalwood oil than the original formula. The result is an opulent, richly fragrant gel with a light orange hue that reflects the higher levels of crocin – the potent antioxidant that gives saffron its color. You’ll feel a pleasant, flushing sensation as the concentrated gel dries and begins to smooth and tighten your skin. Many customers report improved skin tone and texture in as little as one week of daily use. 

This 100% natural, highly-concentrated plant extract penetrates deeply into the skin and activates stem cells below the surface to awaken the growth of new tissue. It contains all the essential nutrients skin cells need to regenerate plus antioxidants that reduce inflammation, which allows for optimal nutrient uptake. Contains 2oz (60mL) in a glass jar, approximately 1 month’s supply. 

How to Use

Dab a little bit of Curere Concentrated Gel onto your fingertips and rub fully into the skin. Use daily.

Because of its higher potency, Curere Concentrated Gel is especially suitable for application to inflamed or damaged skin such as: burns, cuts, blemishes, acne, psoriasis and diabetic neuropathic ulcers. It works equally as well to maintain healthy, youthful skin tone and protect skin against inflammation and damage.  

For maximum freshness: store in a cool dark place, or refrigerate after opening.


  • Aloe (aloe barbadensis) gel

  • Sandalwood oil

  • Kashmiri saffron oil

  • Proprietary extract of 30 herbs

Curere Concentrated Gel is a 100% natural product that contains no artificial colors, additives, preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients. Not tested on animals. 

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Three times the concentration of opulent Curere gel. This potent blend contains a 3x higher concentration of sandalwood & saffron oil. Use it on injuries, stubborn skin issues or for powerful anti- aging defense. This translucent jelly is a light orange color, reflecting the higher concentration of crocin- the active antioxidant in saffron. The rich, sensual fragrance is unforgettable! Contains 2oz (60ml) of concentrated gel in a glass jar.