Curere Wine Cream

Curere Wine Cream


Nourish & Protect Your Skin with Red Wine Tannins

Product Details

Give your skin a natural, healthy glow and maintain it for years to come! Peptides are natural protein “building blocks” our skin needs to stay smooth and elastic.  Aged red wine is a prime source of highly-absorbable peptides that can deeply penetrate deep into the skin.  That’s why we blend tannins from vintage Napa Valley Silver Oak Cabernet into select batches of our Curere lotion. The result is Curere Wine Cream: a lavish, light pink cream that will fortify your skin from the stem cells to the surface.

In addition to supporting the growth of youthful skin tissue, wine tannins are a natural astringent that kills bacteria (e.g., acne) and removes excess oil from your pores without drying out your skin. It also moisturizes and offers an additional layer of protection from damaging elements like sun and wind. Curere Wine Cream is an elegant, 100% natural and complete skincare solution. Each jar contains 2oz (60 mL), approximately 1 month’s supply.

How to Use

Rub Curere Wine Cream completely into your face, hands, neck and other exposed areas at least once per day for anti-aging and aesthetic enhancement. Use daily.

To assisting the regrowth of burned, blemished or injured skin: rub the product gently into the affected area. 

For maximum freshness: store in a cool dark place, or refrigerate after opening.


  • Aloe (aloe barbadensis) gel

  • Sandalwood oil

  • Kashmiri saffron oil

  • Red wine tannins extracted from Silver Oak Cabernet (Napa Valley, CA)

  • Proprietary extract of 30 herbs

Curere Wine Cream is a 100% natural product that contains no artificial colors, additives, preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients. Not tested on animals. 

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This thick, pinkish cosmetic cream contains tannins from red wine: vintage Silver Oak cabernet produced in the famous vineyards of Napa Valley, CA. The cremes are absorbed more slowly than gels and provide more protection on the skin’s surface. The aged red wine extract is packed with small peptides that are easily absorbed, which helps create the proteins your skin needs to rejuvenate. Contains 2oz (60mL) in a glass jar.