Curere Wine Scrub

Curere Wine Scrub


Elegant Natural Exfoliant & Complete Skincare Solution  

Product Details

Curere Wine Scrub is our most comprehensive skincare product: it exfoliates, rejuvenates, moisturizes and protects your skin. It contains Curere plus red wine tannins and tiny coconut shell scrub “microbeads” that are infused into one elegant, eco-friendly skin cream. Rubbing this biodegradable cream into the skin whisks dead particles away from the surface and it allows the botanical extracts & wine peptides to penetrate even deeper. This activates more stem cells to accelerate skin growth, while a small sheen of tannins remains on the surface to protect skin from elemental damage. 

While our gels and creams are excellent for assisting the healing of burns & cuts, Curere Wine Scrub is more of a cosmetic product. Customers have reported seeing visible improvements in skin tone and texture with as little as one week’s daily use. Each jar contains 2oz (60 mL), approximately 1 month’s supply.  Order some today and elevate your skincare regime to a luxurious new level!  

How to Use

Rub completely into intact, healthy skin on your face, hands, neck and other exposed areas at least once per day for cosmetic enhancement. Use daily. 

For maximum freshness: store in a cool dark place, or refrigerate after opening.


  • Aloe (aloe barbadensis) gel

  • Sandalwood oil

  • Kashmiri saffron oil

  • Red wine tannins from Napa Valley Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Biodegradable coconut shell scrub (microbeads)

  • Proprietary extract of 30 herbs

Curere Wine Scrub is a 100% natural product that contains no artificial colors, additives, preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients. Not tested on animals. 

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Our most complete & comprehensive skincare product. Same as Curere Wine Cream but with “microbeads” of coconut shell infused into formula. This 100% natural, biodegradable exfoliant whisks away dead skin particles and allows the Curere & the wine peptides to penetrate even deeper into the skin. Contains 2oz (60mL) in a glass jar.