Curere Lotion

Curere Lotion


Superior Natural Moisturizing & Skin Protection

Product Details

Give your skin the soothing, natural protection it deserves! This creamy white serum takes just a little longer to rub into your skin, but it offers superior moisturization and enhanced production from damaging elements like the sun UV’s rays and wind.  Curere Body Lotion has the same rejuvenating active ingredients as Curere Saffron Gel but it comes in the form of a thick protective lotion with a clean, conventional scent. Each glass jar contains 4oz (118mL) of white body lotion, approximately one month’s supply.

How to Use

Rub lotion thoroughly into uncovered skin for protection from the elements, or apply to areas with blemishes, acne or psoriasis in order to assist new growth of healthy skin cells. Use daily. 

For maximum freshness: store in a cool dark place, or refrigerate after opening.


  • Aloe (aloe barbadensis) gel

  • Sandalwood oil

  • Kashmiri saffron oil

  • Proprietary extract of 30 herbs

Curere Body Lotion is a 100% natural product that contains no artificial colors, additives, preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients. Not tested on animals. 

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A Phyto body lotion derived from opulent Curere gel. This white, creamy serum takes a little longer to rub completely into your skin. In return, it offers superior moisturizing and enhanced protection from the sun & wind– plus all the advantages of Curere.

Contains 4oz (118mL) in a glass jar.