Cerebelus Tablets

Cerebelus Tablets


I’ve been using Cerebelus for the past year. I’ve noticed I am more clearheaded and I feel less mentally uncertain.”  - Junior Bryant, former NFL Defensive Lineman & Super Bowl champion (San Francisco 49ers) 

Supports Healthy Brain Tissue & Cognitive Function

Athletic head injuries are a major concern to coaches, athletes and their families. Repeated blows to the head can cause a form of progressive brain deterioration known as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Symptoms of CTE include behavioral and mood changes, memory loss, cognitive impairment and dementia.1 A powerful, stimulating neurotoxin called quinolinic acid (QA) is released each time the head gets struck. QA breaks down very slowly and lingers over time, causing physical breakdown of brain tissue and damage to neurons.2

Each Cerebelus softgel contains 25mg of extract from the Indian flannel weed (sida cordifolia) plant, containing kynurenic acid and other active ingredients.  Kynurenic acid calms down the brain receptor activated by QA and it may modulate some of its toxic and excitatory effects.3 Studies in animals found that QA-induced brain inflammation levels were significantly decreased by the active ingredients in Cerebelus.4 Each bottle of Cerebelus contains 30 liquid softgels.


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How to Use It

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet daily. 

People with the following conditions have used Cerebelus as a dietary supplement to support healthy brain tissue, cognition, focus, energy and inflammation levels: chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), ALS, Alzheimer’s, brain ischemia, neurocognitive decline, Huntington's, hyperammonemia, hypoglycemia, Lyme disease, olivopontocerebellar atrophy, Parkinson’s disease, polio, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia & systemic lupus erythematosus


Active ingredients:
25mg sida cordifolia extract

Other Ingredients:

  • 10mg sesamum 

  • 10mg seasame oil

  • 124mg microcrystalline cellulose

  • 10mg sodium stearyl fumarate