Alcolus Tablets

Alcolus Tablets


Promotes Healthy Alcohol Metabolism

Product Details

Alcohol is a part of life, but hangovers shouldn’t have to be. Hangovers happen when excess alcohol gets converted into a nasty toxin called acetaldehyde. The more it builds up in your liver, the worse the hangover will be.1  Alcolus is a pre-drinking supplement designed to help the body absorb alcohol more quickly, neutralize acetaldehyde more efficiently, and to support better sleep and moods the next day. 

Scientists have found the amino acid l-glutamine can help protect the stomach from inflammation & discomfort caused by alcohol metabolites.2 We add 140mg of l-glutamine to every capsule of Alcolus, along with taurine to support stable mood and sleep, and inositol and l-alanine to promote healthy liver function. It also has antioxidant-rich extracts of herbs like jujube, turmeric, ginger and garlic to help the body absorb alcohol more quickly and feel better afterwards. Once you try Alcolus and discover the difference the morning after, you’ll never want to drink without it! 

How to Use It

To delay intoxication, take 1 to 2 Alcolus capsules approximately 1 hours before you start drinking. 

To reduce hangover, take 1 to 2 Alcolus capsules an hour after consuming alcohol.

Active Ingredients

Jujube (ziziphus jujuba) extract - 40mg
L-glutamine - 140mg
Turmeric extract - 60mg
Gotu kola (centella asiatica) Extract - 50mg
Ginger root extract - 40mg
Garlic extract - 40mg
Taurine - 30mg
Inositol - 20mg
L-alanine - 5mg 
L-arginine - 1mg





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